The award winning Smarts Pyramid® puzzles are created and sold by Use Your Head Unlimited

Pick your favorite sport (golf, soccer, football, baseball, tennis, basketball) and start exercising your mind with the coolest sports puzzles ever made! The SMARTS PYRAMID® sports puzzles are experiencing success in a variety of retail outlets.

Available in the world’s most popular sports, this 3D brain-teaser is a fun challenge for sports and puzzle enthusiasts from 8 to 108. The object is to stack the multicolored sports balls into a pyramid shape, but never allow identical colors to touch, even on the inside. It sounds easy, but the clever twist is the different colors are connected in pairs that add to the challenge. Play solo, or compete against friends in a game of speed. Teachers are finding this is a useful “warm up the mind” activity and a fun break in the classroom. The puzzles are ideal for adults, kids, and individuals with special needs, as it allows everyone to enjoy the fun of sports puzzle challenge.

AWARDS; Parenting Media Awards in 2005. Games Magazine ‘TOP ONE HUNDRED GAMES’ Creative Child Magazine’s ‘SEAL OF EXCELLENCE’ in both 2003, 2004, and ‘TOP TOY OF THE YEAR ‘. The Golf version received ‘BEST NEW PRODUCT’ from the 2003 PGA FALL EXPO. The soccer version was selected as the MLS-Sierra Mist 2004 All Star Games premium give-away gift with the event logo placed on the cover of the puzzle.

SMARTS PYRAMID ® Jr. The 10-ball version , half the size but equal the fun is available in soccer, golf, baseball, basketball, football, tennis.

New in the line up is the Smarts Pyramid ® Happy. This puzzle is played with the same  rules using multi color smile faces.  Experience the fun and benefit of a smile in the home or office.    Available in the Jr. ten ball.

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